Company Quality

Our Quality control starts with planting the tree by our growers and then keeps on going every day of every season. We ensure the appropriate growing conditions and measure them in the fields. Every year the pesticide usage is revised and adjusted according to the international regulations and market requirements.  Prior to every season’s first delivery, each variety is lab-tested for pesticide residue. GLOBALG.A.P. – mandatory for all growers and we strive to provide the social standards e.g. Sedex, GRASP etc for majority of our growers. Our packing facilities are equipped with the modern sorting lines ensuring the full compliance of the products to established standards. Storage and shipping conditions are set to ensure the highest quality during all the product shelf life.

Our Standarts

Producers of Galilee Export are accredited with major international certifications such as:
GlobalG.A.P, B.R.C, ISO 9001:2000, Tesco Nurture, Field To Fork.

Our Certificates

Please contact our team to have the latest paperwork and certificates regarding our products.