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Mission Statement

Our growers and clients are the core of our business, and the land is our past, present, and future, our home and culture. Our spirit of cooperation creates the best of results for our growers, ensures high performance, and offers our clients first-rate service and premium quality. We strive to have our produce reach the worldwide markets, as if the fruits were just picked, carrying with them, both the taste and scent of Israel and the Galilee.

Watch our company video

In this short movie, we describe our history, our products, our fields and packing houses. Have a closer look at what Galilee Export is.

In 2011, the Milouot Corporation and Citrus of Galilee, both large agricultural cooperatives , founded Galilee Export Ltd. The owners of  Galilee Export are third-generation farmers with over 50 years of agricultural experience. At Galilee Export, we are known for our high-quality produce, as we make certain that everything we grow and sell is compliant with international quality standards. Galilee Export is the second largest exporter of fresh produce in Israel and supplies to customers all over the world. We are the company who brings our produce, directly from the field, to the market.

Our fields span over 9,000 hectares and are located all over Israel. Israeli’s superb climate and our unique growing technologies contribute to the rich diversity of  products in our portfolio. We are proud to produce and offer a wide range of fruits and vegetables, including avocados, citrus fruits, mangoes, Medjoul dates, pomegranates, Sharon fruits, grapes, sweet peppers, carrots, lychees, peaches, and nectarines. 

Our Growers

The Galilee Export Growers are the founders, the owners, and the essence of who we are as a business. We represent more than 70 agricultural farmers. Agriculture is their passion, and our growers have continued with it as a family tradition for over 50 years. So our founders are already, third generation growers.  They invest all their energy and proficiency to grow the best produce in the most productive and sustainable way.

Targeting worldwide markets, our growers follow the strictest of European quality requirements and Social Standards Certification. This includes traceability which enables customers to trace and follow the fruit through every stage of its production and distribution.

Proper use of pesticides and minimal levels of residue is another important safety requirement, and something we take very seriously. All of our farmers are certified GLOBAL G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practices) which ensures that they produce healthy and nutritious fruit at the utmost level of safety. We are also proud to be holders of Social Standards Certifications like GRASP and SEDEX, evidencing that we take care of the well-being, health, and safety of all those who work so tirelessly to grow our fruit.


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