Ownership Structure

Galilee Export Agricultural Cooperative Society was established in 2011 by the Milouot Corporation and the Galilee Citrus Packing House. In 2017 Avocado Gal joined the Cooperative as a co-owner.

Each of these three companies was formed as a cooperative of growers. And thus, Galilee Export was created, and is owned, by the growers.

The Milouot Corporation is an economic governance that manages companies and factories in the Western Galilee region. The basic idea was to build a unit that would collectively market the agricultural produce of the region. Kibbutz members in Western Galilee, whose main occupation was farming various agricultural fields, understood that only by banding together would they succeed and progress, so they formed a cooperative to realize their goals. The owners of Milouot are 23 kibbutzim and 2 collective moshavim in Western Galilee.

Galilee Citrus is the packing company, owned by the growers of citrus in the Galilee region. The company focuses on sorting and packing grapefruit, mandarins, sweetie, red pomelo and limes. Galilee Citrus is known for its brand name and for the best quality Sunrise red grapefruit.

Avocado Gal is the packing company in Northern Israel owned by kibbutz and moshav growers who produce avocados.  Avocado Gal provides sorting and packing services for various products including avocado, citrus, mango, lychee and kumquat.







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