Our Growers

The Galilee Export Growers are the founders, the owners, and the essence of who we are as a business. We represent more than 70 agricultural farmers. Agriculture is their passion, and our growers have continued with it as a family tradition for over 50 years. So our founders are already, third generation growers.  They invest all their energy and proficiency to grow the best produce in the most productive and sustainable way.

Targeting worldwide markets, our growers follow the strictest of European quality requirements and Social Standards Certification. This includes traceability which enables customers to trace and follow the fruit through every stage of its production and distribution.

Proper use of pesticides and minimal levels of residue is another important safety requirement, and something we take very seriously. All of our farmers are certified GLOBAL G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practices) which ensures that they produce healthy and nutritious fruit at the utmost level of safety. We are also proud to be holders of Social Standards Certifications like GRASP and SEDEX, evidencing that we take care of the well-being, health, and safety of all those who work so tirelessly to grow our fruit.


The Process

Growing: Growers plant, grow and harvest fruit in full compliance with Israeli agricultural norms. Galilee Export is in daily contact with them, and provides the insights regarding market trends and requirements, and also follows up the certifications and quality documentation.

Packing: After harvesting, the fruit is sorted and packed by the packing houses. Galilee Export partners with the best packing facilities in Israel. All of them are equipped with the most up-to-date sorting lines, enabling precise and efficient sorting, according to defined product specifications.

Quality Assurance: Before commencing to export, we test the fruit in accredited laboratories in both the Netherlands and Israel to ensure the reliability of our products.

Shipment: Galilee Export cooperates with leading shipping companies and logistics service providers. The main focus is to ensure the shortest transit time to final destination, while at the same time, sustaining strict temperature control and monitoring.

Traceability: Full traceability from the field to the client. Tracing by: grower, packing house, plot number, and date of packing.