Product with high potential

The demand for natural dates is constantly increasing worldwide. This is due to the health benefits of this fruit, which is in harmony with the trend of healthy nutrition and wellness. Medjoul dates are the variety with the highest potential. The popularity of this variety is booming, and Israel is the main producer of Medjoul dates. Medjoul is sweet and has a wide range of sizes from giant ~30 gram fruit to small fruit of 12-15 gram. Galilee Export is one of the largest exporters of Medjoul dates. We also have in our portfolio the Deglet Nour variety and fresh yellow Barhi dates.

Medjoul dates are a pure natural product, as they are naturally dried on the tree. The fruit does not undergo any processing. No sugars, or preservative are added.  The packing houses receive the fruit directly from the field, wash it, sort it, and pack it. Thereafter, the product is stored in the freezer and is ready to be shipped. Medjoul dates have a shelf life of 24 months if kept at -18°C.  The moisture of the fruit is 20-23%. The “Super Juicy” are the Medjoul dates harvested when the fruit has higher moisture levels.


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