Galilee Export was established in 2011 by a group of third-generation farmers from the Galilee region in Northern Israel. We are the cooperative of growers that supplies fresh produce of the highest quality.

Our Products

Prized in selected markets all over the world. Galilee avocados are delicious and of the highest quality thanks to advanced agricultural technology, rich soil, and an ideal climate.

Ideal growing conditions and the latest agricultural technology make our carrots some of the most desired in the world. The crisp texture, sweet flavor and edible greens are the hallmark of the high-quality orange variety from Galilee Export.

Citrus fruit from the Galilee is considered as the best in the country. We grow and export all the top quality citrus varieties, known for sweetness, low seed-count and beautiful appearance.

Galilee is exporting various kinds of dates; Medjoul dates; known as the “King of dates” are premium qualified, Barhi dates tasty in both their yellow, and there brown state, and Delget Nour dates; known as long shaped dates with a translucent color.

Galilee Export focuses on an early season crop as a way to bring the sweetest, best quality grapes to the market when the demand is highest. We are exporting three kind of varieties, Early Sweet, Flame and Dan Ben Hannah.

Most of our Lychee/Litchi crop comes from seaside orchards near the Mediterranean coast and the Sea of Galilee. Fresh and sweet-like candy, these “little red diamonds” are shipped direct from the field to our customers.

Often referred to as “King of Fruits”, our mangoes are sweet, rich in flavor, and extremely aromatic. All our colorful varieties of mangoes come directly to you from our orchards near The Sea of Galilee.

Our fruits got a delicious juicy sweet and very pleasant aromatic taste. They are picked ripe with fully care to ensure you the best qualified and good looking fruits. Galilee brings it direct from the field to you.

When crops in northern and central Europe are almost frozen, the climate in our Arava region is ideal for peppers. Our farmers grow some of the finest red, yellow and orange peppers in the world.

Known for their health benefits and sweet flavor, this majestic fruit has come to symbolize prosperity, fertility, beauty and wisdom. Our juicy pomegranates are shipped directly to you from The Land of Israel.

Our special variety of Persimmon has no core, is seedless, crackly and sweet. Eat it like an apple, we insure you that you will not be disappointed. There is nothing else like it in the world.

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